Everyday, we publish original content on TheHundreds.com, spotlighting creatives within our global community who shape the culture of tomorrow. Last week's articles cover a head injury that unlocked an author's creativity, a DJ's impressive collection of rare hip-hop T-shirts, a producer incorporating visuals into performances, and more
  1. The Rarest T-shirts in Hip-Hop History All in One Book
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    To archive his insane collection of old school rap tees, DJ Ross One curated "Rap Tees." Here, he shares his motivation for creating the book, how concert merch has evolved, and his early inspirations. // http://bit.ly/21cICru
  2. Defragment :: Artist Victor Roman on NYC, Progression, and His Debut Exhibit
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    “In today’s time it’s so easy to be boxed into something. An artist will have a niche and they’ll stick to it because that’s what they become known for... that’s not how I wanted to approach art.” Victor Roman on his new solo show "Defragment." // http://bit.ly/1TaBmqH
  3. FEEL SOMETHING :: A Conversation with Producer Ta-ku
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    "I JUST WANT MY ART AND MY MUSIC TO MAKE PEOPLE THINK OR FEEL SOMETHING." Learn how Australian producer Ta-ku crafted his first live show to function like an immersive art exhibit and his belief in the necessity of visuals in music. // http://bit.ly/1R1vq45
  4. How This Author's Life-Changing Head Injury Unlocked His Creativity
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    "I've never had a plan for life. Every adventure I've had has happened because I'm open to them." We caught up with wild man and author of "Dads Are the Original Hipsters" to talk about his follow-up, "I Was an Awesomer Kid." // http://bit.ly/1HiJFzy
  5. 11 French Names You Should Know
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    In lieu of the recent terrorist attacks, Bobby Hundreds rounds up 11 French names—from street art to music and fashion—that have made a lasting impact on the culture of the world. // http://bit.ly/1jgz9Np