1. Upper - verb, to raise
    As in "August, lower your voice." "No, UPPER MY VOICE!"
  2. Pendantly - adverb, without one's helicopter mom scaring the cool kids away
    "Mommy, you just play over there and I just play pendantly."
  3. Old dalt - noun, a grown up
    "Are you a kid or are you old?"
  4. Mouskatool - noun, anything you want that you currently don't have
    "I want candy." "We don't have candy in the car." "I need a mouskatool. Oohhhhhh Toooooooooooodles."
  5. Wee - noun, the component in everything that makes it fun.
    Slide moving too slow? Bubble blower won't blow bubbles? Can't get the cap off the giant tub of markers? "Help! The wee is BROKEN!!"
  6. Blooming - verb, growing
    "We have to get you some new clothes." "Cause I keep blooming."
  7. Yucky water - noun, sparkling water
    August - I want yucky water. Onlooker - but why do you want it if it's yucky August - because it's delicious.
  8. Dickless - adjective, ridiculous, comical, absurd
    "Donald Trump is a dickless."