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If there's one thing people love talking about more than who will win an Oscar, it's who should have won an Oscar. This definitive list is sure to get you debating who should have won, who did win and maybe where to eat afterwards.
  1. Tom Hanks in "Make Room For Daddy"
    Who can forget Tom Hanks as the morbidly obese Randy Stanton, a recently divorced dad who must move back in with his family while he waits to have liposuction. Roger Ebert called his performance, "Gut wrenching."
  2. Howie Mandel in "Shaker and the Blues"
    Surprising the world by leaving "Deal or No Deal" to take on the silver screen, Howie Mandel plays in the biopic "Shaker and the Blues" as Ricky Eddison, the famous blues guitar player of the 1950's who gets Parkinson's disease. But that doesn't stop him from playing the blues, shakes and all. And that's how rock and roll was born.
  3. Daniel Day Lewis in "Titanic"
    This one is actually based on a theory from the Internet that claims Daniel Day Lewis was actually playing the role of Kate Winslet playing the part of Rose in the smash hit "Titanic." Kate Winslet and her co-star, Leonardo Di Caprio, adamantly claim that it actually was Kate Winslet. Then, in a strange twist, Daniel Day Lewis went on to claim that he played the Leonardo Di Capri role in the part of Jack as well. Either way, someone got snubbed.
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There is a potential that you could find this list highly offensive, depending on if you are from a particular country. Proceed with caution.
  1. In Germany this means, "Your grandma is going to die and she should hurry up and do it."
  2. In United Arab Emirates this means "Ma'am, your slip is showing." Not cool.
  3. I'm not exactly sure what this means but I did it to a police officer in Croatia and almost got myself arrested.
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Today is my birthday. It's on Valentine's Day. No one understands what that's like except for these people.
  1. Simon Pegg
  2. Carlie Bucket from the new Willy Wonka movie and also the fake guitar playing kid from that overly sappy film August Rush
  3. Mrs. Brady!!!!
  4. The guy from the God'd Not Dead movie.
  1. Know that you can't be let down this Valentine's Day because you've already hit rock bottom and there's no "down" from here. It can only get better!
  2. Pull a Reverse Lars and the Real Girl. Take a blow up doll, tape Ryan Gosling's face to it and watch "Lars and the Real Girl" with him.
  3. A double date with Ben and Jerry
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Dust off those copies of CCM and take a blast into the past.
  1. Geoff Moore and the Distance
    "You know life can be like a baseball game/We're on the same team but we're not all the same/That's why we've got to learn to play together" - Home Run
  2. Burlap to Cashmere
    "Basic Instructions before leaving earth..." - Basic Instructions
  3. The W's
    "Why don't you just skidillydoo cause this is now and that was before. Cause you are the devil and the devil is bad, you are the devil and the devil is bad, you are the devil and the devil is bad, you are the devil and you are bad." - The Devil is Bad
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I love movies that mirror the calendar and the thermostat.
  1. Fargo
    Blood shows up best in the snow.
  2. Groundhog Day
    I'll give you a weather prediction. It's going be cold, It's going to be grey and it's going to last you for the rest of your life.
  3. Transsiberian
    A dark, cold thriller on a train through the Siberian tundra.
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  1. Sports Talk Bastleball
  2. It's like 7Up the game!
  3. Best floppy disk game.
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  1. Who's 100?
  2. Fall into the gap.
  3. Hair raising.
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