The Best Moves You've Probably Never Seen

  1. Winters Bone
    JLaw's first big role and Oscar nomination. Stop and watch this movie now. Trust me.
  2. Frailty
    Bill Paxton and Matthew McConaughey in the most underrated and unknown horror film.
  3. What's Up Doc
    Old school screwball comedy at its finest.
  4. Dick Tracy
    My guess is you missed this back in 1990. Well worth a revisit. Solid comic adaptation.
  5. The Hunter
    A wonderful and mysterious drama/thriller. Such a unique sense of place.
  6. The Pledge
    Directed by Sean Penn and starring Jack Nicholson. A psychological thriller that will haunt you in a deeply sad way.
  7. Monsters
    Yes, it's called "monsters" and yes it is a monster movie, but it is so much more. A beautiful travel, romance, sci-fi indie film made guerrilla style that will blow you away.
  8. Austin to Boston
    A handful of bands set off from SXSW for Boston on a road trip band tour in VW Vans. I've never heard of these bands but it didn't matter in the least. A beautiful picture of the uniqueness of music which creates community.
  9. The Imposter
    A documentary about a conman that's sure to pull one over on you too.
  10. Mud
    Taking a page from Terrence Malick, Mud is the story of two Arkansas boys who find a boat up in a tree on a private island and seek restore it until they realize a fugitive is living in the boat who offers to help them restore the boat if they help him escape n