Gonna try and go in order starting with my fav
  1. Pam Beesly
    She's just so relatable going from being quiet and reserved to really expressing her true self. She's truly the heart of the show.
  2. Jim Halpert
    It's hard to more clever or witty than Jim. Plus him and Pam are just perfect. Minor plus is he's into sports.
  3. Dwight Scrute
    Truly one of the most unique characters ever. As I've rewatched he's really grown on me. There's just such great acting that went to Dwight not to mention he's grown a lot too.
  4. Andy Dwyer
    Gotta love Chris Pratt before he was a big star. Andy is just so funny all the time, and he seems to try so hard at everything he does. Also a fucking amazing singer.
  5. April Ludgate
    Whenever I'm pissed I just let my inner April shine. It's like she's not afraid to say what people always think and her creepiness is hilarious. Andy, her, and Dwight are pretty even.
  6. Michael Scott/ Leslie Knope
    Gotta have the stars on here. The fact that neither of them won an Emmy is the biggest disgrace in TV history. Michael really grew and always seemed to have good intentions. And we'll Leslie was just awesome in every way.
  7. Ron (f*cking) Swanson
    Another character that is so unique. He has some of the best lines on the show, and I think it's underrated how smart he is in dealing with everyone's problems even when he doesn't want to. Also relate to meat loving.