My first child was just born on Friday, and it's been great. It's also been a more natural adjustment than I expected. Here are some of the more surprising things I've adjusted to.
  1. Not caring about handling spit up.
    This may change, but for now, it's just milk, so it NBD
  2. Changing poopy diapers
    That newborn poop is super sticky, but it hasn't been bad at all. It's gotten on my hands, but it's all good for some reason.
  3. Eating right after changing poopy diapers
    After washing my hands of course
  4. The sleep schedule
    Yeah, it sucks getting woken up in the middle of the night, but it's not that different from before when my snoring would wake me up. Plus he's just so cute that it's hard to be too upset about it
  5. His simultaneous fragility and sturdiness
    He can seem so small and fragile sometimes, but he also feels like he's built like a tank
  6. Coming home with him
    Everyone told my wife and I that leaving the hospital and going home was the hardest part, but for us that was the best. More room, no more nurse checks every few hours, more comfortable sleeping arrangements. Being home is great!