This year has been the worst, but stick with me because it'll all be ok. This is (roughly) chronological
  1. Our kitchen flooded the first week of January, resulting in a giant hole in our floor and needing to completely refloor our kitchen and dining room along with replacing our cabinets
  2. I found out my place of work (a grad school) has a $10 million budget deficit, resulting in major layoff after 3 straight years of layoffs
    I was not affected but that is a good way to kill morale
  3. My sister's mother-in-law died of brain cancer at 59 after a 4 year battle
  4. My brother's brother-in-law was found dead in a hotel room after dealing with health issues his whole life. He was 27.
    And it may have been a suicide
  5. Christina Grimmie was murdered. My sister-in-law is 16 years old, and Christina was her first music Idol. She met her at a private concert at USC, and even gave her a gift that Christina kept and showed on regular occasions. It was like losing a best friend.
  6. My wife had a miscarriage
  7. After learning about the massive budget deficit at my work, we also learned that the school owed roughly $60 million in debt, and $10 million of it was coming due in November of this year. Those layoffs were widened and accelerated as a result of that news
  8. After earning my second master's degree (positive!) I learned that there would be no way for me to be promoted at work (negative), which was one of the main reasons I spent another $20000 on a master's degree I didn't need
  9. Donald fucking Trump is a presidential candidate this year
  10. Vin Scully will no longer call Dodger games after retiring at the end of this season
  11. José Fernández died in a boating accident, which was heart breaking on so many levels
  12. BUT
  13. My wife is pregnant with our first child
  14. I still have my job (definitely was not a guarantee this year)
  15. Even in the midst of people with crappy attitudes, there are still wonderful, beautiful people in this world
  16. So it's been a shitty year, but there is so much reason to be hopeful