because I read a ranking online that I don't agree with and today is the 1 year anniversary of the album release??
  1. A.M.
    My fav and the title song. I read that someone didn't understand it but I love it because it is so real and emulates that early 20s feeling so well---trying to find yourself, be somebody, find someone else even. Rebelling, exploring. It's all there.
  2. Hey Angel
    I love the build of this song. It is the perfect intro to the album.
  3. Walking in the Wind
    I think this song is beautiful. I relate as well. But it's thus high up because I think its beautiful and moving.
  4. Temporary Fix
    Catchy, energetic and not overplayed.
  5. Wolves
    A new sound that I LOVE. Also the lyrics are 👌
  6. Perfect
    Maybe it's over played. I love this song but I'm still putting it on the list lower.
  7. If I Could Fly
    I don't crave this song but fall in love with it by the end every time.
  8. History
    It pulls on the heartstrings of all directioners
  9. Infinity
  10. Drag Me Down
    Catchy but not their best work...