It's the little things
  1. Avoiding teen pregnancy
  2. Never having blacked out
  3. Passing a college level chemistry class
    It took two tries, but it happened
  4. Passing a college level calculus class
    This also took two tries, but it happened. And now I'm gonna pass calc 2 and STICK IT TO THE MAN
  5. Managing a college wrestling team at a D1 program
    Because it makes my dad really proud of me and that is the best feeling in the world
  6. Learning how to manage/overcome my depression
    Being happy is preferable over being sad
  7. Forgiving
  8. Going from having really terrible asthma to being a distance runner and discovering how much I love running
    I've had asthma since I was pretty young, and we discovered in 6th grade that my lungs only functioned at around 46% capacity. I couldn't run a mile without passing out or having to stop. I had to go through a lot of therapy so my lungs could heal, but now they function at 99% and I run for miles and miles and it's wonderful