Requested by @stars
  1. Look at her. Coyly pretending she doesn't know how flawless it is
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    Oh my eye liner is perfect? I hadn't noticed
  2. Pushing back those gorgeous tresses to ensure that you peep that top liner game
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  3. Let me smoke a cigarette while I ponder how exhausting it is to have an eye liner game this strong
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  4. How. How? How¿
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    Girl. For real. How do you manage to get both lines so even?
  5. Oh you broke my heart?
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    Let me write Grammy award winning songs about you making the biggest mistake of your life AND HAVE AMAZING WINGED EYE LINER WHILE DOING IT
  6. Adele even does that second line eye liner in the eye lid crease to remind us all that she's fierce as fuck
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  7. Unreal.
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  8. Queen of the Modern Day Soul Ballad. Also eye liner royalty.
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