1. "Your nose is nice and proportional to your face." -girl in my chemistry class
  2. Senior class superlative "Most Likely To Be Famous"
    "Famous for what?" I asked my classmates. "Finding the cure for cancer or writing a book or being an exotic dancer" they said.
  3. "You remind me of a middle eastern baby sometimes"
    I forget the context of this but I made sure to write it down
  4. "You know, you're pretty curvy, but it's hard to tell because you almost never dress like a slut." - boy who I think was flirting
  5. My Peruvian roommate telling me "You could totally be a Latina."
    I am a small, very pale white girl and this meant a lot.
  6. "Your hips are doing SO WELL!" -my ballet instructor
    I am 20 years old and taking a ballet class for the first time ever, so the fact that I am doing anything right or worthy of praise is a miracle.
  7. "Are you smart as shit Kacie? Cause I'm getting real strong vibes from you that you're smart as shit." -sorority girl in my bio lab
  8. "Things are looking great down here!" -my gynecologist
    Said with enthusiasm
  9. Your hair is really big and I can spot it anywhere. -everyone
  10. This is also about my hair
    I think I'm actually okay with looking like a he lion. I don't foresee it being something that will hold me back in life.