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Because day drinking at this age means feeling like you're recovering from minor surgery
  1. Your calculations last night just didn't add up
    If I start drinking at noon and end around 4, I should be able to sleep into my hangover - 🙅🏽 WRONG
  2. Beer before liquor isn't the same as Beer before food then followed by glasses of wine
    Blackouts are God's way of saying "Don't worry about it", right?
  3. Calling off work isn't an option when you're on salary
    No one will be there to do your job for you, brace yourself and just get tf up
  4. Shove an egg-bacon sandwich in your mouth, sip coffee from a trough, put on some gangster rap
    ...and just DEAL
Last week, Rob came to Philz Coffee on Front St in San Francisco for a cup of coffee and a snack. He had a fridge in tow (see pic) that caused heads to turn and cameras snapping. While serving him coffee I asked: "If you can offer 3 pieces of advice to someone about marriage, what would they be?"
  1. Don't forget about Us
    "When you have children and when time passes, don't neglect your partner. Balance your attention on them and your family and work." Your partner is making a choice to be with you, don't stop living your life with full intent. Everlasting love for your partner starts within, to love yourself before anything.
  2. Ensure your love languages sync
    "If your love languages don't match or you're unable to speak to your partner's love language, it'd be difficult to satisfy and touch them the way they need to be." See 5 languages of love: (http://www.amazon.com/Love-Languages-Secret-that-Lasts/dp/080241270X),
  3. Love your own journey
    "You'll receive countless insight on your relationship, but don't love based on everyone else's advice. Love your journey together and love your way, take everything else with a grain of salt." — since relationships tend to run its course.
  1. The hair-in-the-face
  2. The eye blink
  3. Dove commercial
  4. Duck face