1. Starved rock
  2. Graham's 318 fondue
  3. Create a collective ratchet but charming Tshirt quilt
  4. IKEA
  5. Watch all the Harry Potter movies
  6. Improv Shakespeare
  7. Some how acquire a new set of triad tshirts
  8. Tattoos
  9. Make some spinach pesto
  10. Watch some Oscar nominated movies
  11. See Finding Dory and Now You See Me Two
  12. Write an Oscar winning screenplay titled Life of Slime
  13. Finish the office and that with watching all Steve carrell movies to curb the withdrawal symptoms
  14. Cookie skillet mmm
  15. Start a secret book cult that may or may not exist and hold weekly meetings at panera shhh (see book club list)
  16. Go golfing with good intentions
  17. Quit golfing half way through but get a lot of ridiculous pictures
  18. We meet at the exact geographical midpoint between Batavia and champaign
    Suggested by @idkmynickname
  19. Elyse makes us a skillet cookie
    Suggested by @idkmynickname
  20. 2.5 foot long pizza