Sexual assault as a plot device or motivation is lazy writing and misogynistic. This will be spoilery.
  1. Scandal
    Srsly, @shondarhimes? Just as I was gearing up for #TeamMillie, rape flashback! Can't a woman just be strong and kinda brittle without being driven by being assaulted?
  2. Private Practice
    Again, Shondaland. The episode featuring Nicholas Brendan was unnecessarily brutal. And now Brendan's life is imitating art so blergh.
  3. Fortitude
    The Sky series was highly watchable, but you could just tell one character's rape would have to be the downfall of another. They took their sweet time getting there tho. I watched most of it before --boo!-- rape time!
  4. Bates Motel
    Couldn't even get through episode 1 because, predictably, Norman couldn't just be psycho and his mom couldn't just be turrrible. Rape.
  5. Game of Thrones
    Got to this party late but the pending brutalization of women was obvious. Way over the top and unnecessary. But truth? I quit, winter does come, I start up again, they find some new way to hate on women, and I quit again. Fair weather feminism.
  6. Walking Dead
    Blargh. So many attempted rapes. I give this one a pass, though, because I love it so much. And I'm pretty sure failing to teach men not to rape now will result in a very sexual assault-filled apocalypse.