Ask me no questions, I'll tell you no lies. But if you do ask me a question about something I don't want to do, see below.
  1. I'm binge watching (or re-binge watching) TV.
  2. I've washed my hair, it takes forever to dry and it's in weird looking braids to facilitate drying.
  3. I've just done my nails.
  4. I've fucked around all day/weekend and the guilt has finally made me start writing.
  5. I've taken off my bra, pants, or both and what you're proposing isn't worth getting dressed again.
  6. You're suggesting jazz or musical theater and it's less hassle to say I'm working on a project than have you try to convince me that I do, in fact, like jazz or musicals when I really (really) don't.
  7. You talk too much. But I'm too polite to say, "Your incessant yammering makes my ears bleed."