because i missed my favorite holiday this year. #fbf to halloweens of the past.
  1. Black Cat
    As a child, I got to be a black cat many many times because for some reason, I owned a black unitard body suit. Other 1st graders were princesses, I had my hair covered and looked like a brownish-black blue man group star.
  2. Evil Queen Snow White
    Again, putting that black unitard to good use. My mom allowed me to get a costume from the DISNEY STORE! What?! I know. Naturally, again I gravitated toward a princess, being a barbie and pink obsessed 10 yr old. Instead, what character wears a body suit...ahh the Evil Queen. Thanks Mom.
  3. Newsie
    Again, a character basically no one knows or really cares for. A NYC newboy. 📰 Scintillating.
  4. Re-used Costumes = Ballerina
    As a dancer, I was lucky enough to be venture out and be a ballerina for many many years. #somethingyourenot #false #iam
  5. Ice Skater
    College, year 1. The fine line between interesting, form fitting but not skanky, and different? My respects paid to Blades of Glory and Mars thrift shop. #Berkeley
  6. Mechanic
    College, year 2. My cousin gave me a giant trashbag of skanky costumes, which all my friends raided for every party and of course halloween. The remaining outfit was a mechanic. Supes cute. I full sleeve fake tatooed that. #winning 🔩🔨🔧
  7. Eva (+ Wall-e)
    The era of couples costumes. Wrapped up in christmas lights with a boyfriend wearing a box. It was cute, not gonna lie.
  8. Thor
    My luscious long blonde hair couldn't go to waste. Thor was my hairspiration, and therefore my costume idea. Killed it with a fully homemade ensemble. Also, couples costumed this with my own scrumptious Captain America.
  9. Madam Meme
    This was the year of the murder mystery party. 20s themed. I was a brothel-owning, bourgie older gal. This was probably the first halloween ever I felt classy and sassy in a gorgeous authentic rented outfit. It only took 23 years.
  10. Minion
    In grad school. At a chemistry lab all day. Unable to participate in any hallofestivities. So I went full minion to lab. Judged pretty hard. Worth it.