The Ultimate Guide to live in this Multiverse
  1. Understand that you are not important
  2. In this Darwinian Planet, all species struggle to survive, help a brotha' out!
  3. Sacrifice comes first, luxury and pleasure come later
  4. You are a member of a highly narcissistic species. Be wrong, be different, beat your nature.
  5. Understand that most likely you wont find an answer to everything, you will stop when you choose to stop. Explore!
  6. Whatever life is, respect life. The universe is filled of 'terrible' stuff. Life is sort of a miracle.
  7. Understand that most of your problems/afflictions come from your human lifestyle.
  8. Realize that resource are limited. Until we figure out how to create infinite resource, don't be greedy, take what you need not what you want.
  9. Be curious, there is so much to learn.
  10. Whether you are religious or not, be grateful. Don't wait for cancer or a life-threading experience.
  11. Enjoy every day, no matter what. Bad days will give you experience. Worse days will give wisdom. Memories and happiness come with the rest...
  12. Don't back off. Fight for what you believe is right.
  13. And finally, do not be an asshole. There are almost 7 billion of them (that we know of).