My Favorite Comic Book Characters

A noob's list of his favorite characters.
  1. Spectre
    This omnipotent revenge-bringer is awe-inspiring and has an interesting past, I'm hoping he gets treated to his own movie in the future.
  2. Venom
    This is hands down my favorite anti-hero. Not only is aesthetically amazing looking, his convoluted relationship with Spider-Man is fun to watch.
  3. Spawn
    He's as fearsome-looking as the derelict city he resides in. McFarlane's creation is twisted and dark; two of my favorite descriptors when it comes to comics.
  4. Dr. Doom
    My favorite origin story, and my favorite villain. He's what opened the Fantastic Four up for me. His constant schemes for supreme power are interesting and maddening.
  5. Batman
    While he may be incredibly popular, it's obviously for good reason. His dark past is juxtaposed by his unflinching morals, which don't falter even when citizens don't appreciate his brand of vigilante justice.
  6. Sleepwalker
    This being is as strange as it is relatable. Though a bit more obscure, the writing for the character is fantastic. The alien intellect combined with the humorous woes of a college student is an interesting juxtaposition.
  7. Vision
    I've always had an affinity for android characters, and there aren't many better than Vision. Logic and humanity clash to give him an interesting dynamic.
  8. Dark Wolf
    Though the story is not the best, I love Dark Wolf as a character. Another obscure one, I love this gem from the 80's.
  9. The Thing
    I love his wit (rivaled only by Spidey and Deadpool). The ability he has for incorporating sarcasm into the serious situations he finds himself in makes him very easy to relate to. The power he wields helps as well.
  10. The Magus (Adam Warlock)
    By taking Adam Warlock from an alternate timeline and driving him insane with dark philosophies, The Magus was born. As far as villains go, his psychotic and gleeful malice trumps most. The only thing that matches his power-hungry madness is his ability to plan for anything.
  11. Bone
    Though he's a far cry from most on the list, he is by far my favorite. Bone is such an epic story, and he is the absolute best "normal" hero.
  12. Spider-man