To use when depressed.
  1. Sassy.
  2. Sarcastic.
    So I'm an asshole that's what you're saying.
  3. Awkward.
    Around guys.
  4. Messy.
    In my head and in my room.
  5. Moody.
    You just ruined this whole thing.
  6. Interesting.
    I like a lot of shit.
  7. Knowledgable.
    About dumb shit like what order the Kardashians were born in.
  8. Obsessive.
    When I obsess, I die.
  9. Quirky.
    So I'm weird and try to be cute about it, but really it's a annoying.
  10. Flaky.
    I have anxiety about the parking so I think I'll pass.
  11. Open-Minded
    I only judge you if you hit a parked car and don't leave a note.
  12. Honorable.
    I stole a seashell from a beach once.
  13. Lazy.
    I'm sorry, Hulu is safer than going out.
  14. Unhealthy.
    I eat only foods that come in all shades and tints of brown.
  15. The Other One.
    This is mostly what guys will refer to me as when I'm out with said friends.