This album saw Prince return to his R&B roots with great success! I listen to this album regularly.
  1. 13. Affirmation I & II
    This is a segue not a song. Next.
  2. 12. The Gold Standard
    This is another party "old school funk jam" a la Musicology. I'm not really a fan of these types of Prince songs.
  3. 11. Breakfast Can Wait
    Love the video. Love the artwork for the single. The song is a alright. Think Prince making a sex song that references way too much food.
  4. 10. Affirmation III
    This half song/segue is gorgeous.
  5. 9. What It Feels Like
    This is R&B perfection. Andy Allo's vocals are a great addition.
  6. 8. Clouds
    Soul music that laments the dehumanization wrought by the digital age. This is all up my alley.
  7. 7. Art Official Cage
    This is rock, MDMA club banging and funk all in one. This song is bananas crazy but it works.
  8. 6. Funknroll
    This is one of the few straight up funk jams by P that I love. The hip hop drop at the beginning is delicious.
  9. 5. Breakdown
    Smoky Robinson meets Radiohead lazer electronics. Yes! Yes!
  10. 4. Way Back Home
    This feels like Prince's retrospective set to music. Beautiful and poignant.
  11. 3. Time
    Stunning! Fucking stunning music!
  12. 2. This Could B Us
    This song should've been all over the radio. It is pop perfection. Super catchy and artful.
  13. 1. U Know
    Prince shows that he can croon just as good as any of the new school of crooners. And his raps here are actually good.