This album doesn't have any masterpieces on it but I probably listen to this album the most. 9 strong super catchy pop confections.
  1. Vicki Waiting Rare insights into Prince's mind via Bruce Wayne. Knowing that he lost two children makes the last verse super sad.
  2. Electric Chair
    An on fire rock romp in the vein of Dirty Diana. I never skip this song and often listen to it on repeat.
  3. Lemon Crush
    What's a lemon crush? Prince's 1,345th different name for a certain female body part. Inspired by the favorite drink of the woman he was dating at the time.
  4. Scandalous
    Grab your lover, turn the lights off, put this song on and explode!
  5. Trust
    Minimal funk with rock and electronics thrown in for good measure.
  6. The Arms of Orion
    Because it is impossible for Prince to release an album that doesn't have a ballad. This is no Adore but it's pretty damn good.
  7. The Future
    The song Sign O' the Times lesser known cousin.
  8. Batdance
    I think Prince invented the movie/music mashup genre with this dance number that won't let you stop dancing.
  9. Partyman
    I will take this song over Housequake any day.