Okay it was 1996 the Warner Bros vs. Prince public death match was at its bloodiest. Prince had one more album left that he was contractually obligated to give Warner Bros. This was it. In the linear notes it made it clear he never wanted these songs to see the light of day. If this is representative of what's in the Vault, oh Yeezus, I can't wait!
  1. The Same December
    Prince continues his message of "we are all in this together" with guitar licks that would make Hendrix blush.
  2. Chaos & Disorder
    Crank this baby up! This album is a rare guitar centered album from Prince. Hopefully there are more of these in that Vault!
  3. I Like It There
    Playful, tongue in cheek, this is Prince by the numbers but Prince by the numbers still blows most artists out of the water. We
  4. Zanalee
    If Prince wasn't intentionally trying to sabotage his career at this point he would've released this as a single. Mid 90's rock radio would've played it incessantly.
  5. Dinner With Delores
    This is a very strange song. The lyrics tell a very intriguing story about a Delores I'm sure we all would like to meet. This was the only single from this album and it was only released in the UK. Prince did one appearance on the Tonight Show to promote the album and yet it still made it to #21 on the Billboard charts. There's a video up in the ethers as well.
  6. Into the Light
    A very upbeat jam that shows Prince was still into having a good time while battling the Bros.
  7. I Will
    This is the second part of Into the Light a la U2's An Cat Dubh/Into the Heart and both these songs are just as gorgeous as U2's.
  8. Right the Wrong
    A jam fest urging that the wrongs against Native Americans be righted. Yes please.
  9. I Rock Therefore I Am
    Prince mixes two genres he struggles with, reggae and rap 😞. This shouldn't work but it does because that m$%&$#fing COWBELL! 😃
  10. Had U
    This song should be longer, so much tension in it.
  11. Dig U Better Dead
    I'd dig this song better if it stayed in the damn vault.
  12. Static