Prince at his filthiest. He went full frontal honey badger on this funk classy.
  1. 1. When You Were Mine This new wave, funk composition will have you dancing your wig loose.
  2. 2. Dirty Mind
    The groove in this song is hypnotic this is the first flash of Prince's ability to take a pop song to another level.
  3. 3. Uptown
    A political song about gender identity and social tolerance that channels James Brown.
  4. 4. Partyup
    Sex, dance, then revolution.
  5. 5. Head
    How do you lure a bride away on her wedding day from her groom to give you fellatio? Prince tells you here.
  6. 6. Gotta Broken Heart Again
    A standard Prince ballad. This would've been a career highlight for most people but Prince is the king of ballads.
  7. 7. Do It All Night
    A song about the evils of Reaganomics just kidding the title says it all.
  8. 8. Sister
    A one minute rockabilly about being sexually dominated by his sister. I hear Tipper Gore was a huge fan of this song.