Prince's debut album ranked!
  1. I'm Yours
    This scorching rocking anomaly on this disco heavy album foreshadowed the genre blending that was to come.
  2. Just As Long As We're Together
    Disco has never sounded better.
  3. Baby
    A ballad about what a lot of young couples deal with. We get a hint of Prince's vocal range here.
  4. Soft and Wet
    A filthy half sung/half whispered disco sex romp. "I have a sugar cane, I wanna lose in you."
  5. My Love Is Forever
    Middle of the road 70's pop number.
  6. In Love
    This is album filler. Meh with a sparkle.
  7. So Blue
    Nothing special here nothing bad either.
  8. Crazy You
    An acoustic treat but nothing to write home about.
  9. For You
    This is the first minute of music that introduces us to Prince.