My son was born yesterday! A healthy 8lbs 9oz baby boy. These are songs by The Artist that make me think about childbirth/childhood.
  1. Vikki Waiting
    Prince ruminates in the last verse about the possibility of fatherhood.
  2. The Arms of Orion
    We named our son Orion after the constellation not this song but from now on it will be linked to his birth for me.
  3. Let's Have A Baby
    The song title says it all.
  4. Baby
    Prince narrates a story between 2 young lovers who are concerned about how they will financially take care of their baby to be.
  5. Alexis de Paris
    This song is a b-side from the Parade album. It such a happy song, it reeks of happiness, new birth and love.
  6. The Question of U
    As a parent I have found that discovering who your child is helps you answer a lot of unresolved questions of who I am.
  7. Good Love
    This sugary sweet confection makes me feel like a baby again!
  8. Valentina
    A song that references Salma Hayek breastfeeding, what else would this song remind me of?
  9. Future Soul Song
    A hopeful song about the future of mankind. When I think of the future I think of babies.
  10. Happy Feet
    The only children's song he released. He sings about the importance of friendship and being true to yourself, a journey back to your childhood. He won a Golden Globe for this tune.
  11. Affirmation III
    This song sounds and feels like a rebirth.
  12. Paisley Park
    This song remind me of everything now. But the childlike wonder in the lyrics transport me back to my days of being a child.