From song titles to lyrics some of Prince's most beloved songs have been misunderstood for years. Hope you learn something from this list.
  1. 5. Sleep Around (Emancipation album)
    You would think that this song is about someone who is out trying to get all the poon. But this is no honey badger anthem this song is littered with advice on how to keep your woman satisfied si she doesn't want to sleep around.
  2. 4. P Control (The Gold Experience album)
    The chorus to this is "Pussy Control." This song has the most curse words than any Prince song and on the surface it sounds like Prince is writing a misogynistic jam about controlling women but on the contrary it's a female empowerment cut, encouraging women to make their own way and not to rely on a man.
  3. 3. When You Were Mine (Dirty Mind album)
    This song gets labelled as a love song and on the surface it is. Looking at the lyrics however this song is about a guy who is okay with his girl sleeping with other guys while he is in the bed. And if that wasn't enough the narrator falls in love with the other guy and starts stalking him. I wondered if Cyndi Lauper paid attention to the lyrics when she covered this song.
  4. 2. Lolita (3121 album)
    You would think this was about a hot young thang that Prince was trying to bone. Instead it is him letting the hot young thang know that no matter how much she shakes her money maker she will not be able to lure him away from his woman. I love mature Prince :).
  5. 1. I Would Die 4 U (Purple Rain album)
    I have read at least 100 reviews singing this song's praise for embracing androgyny as well as Prince's attempt to be a musical Messiah. The lyrics clearly point to Jesus. "I'm not a human, I'm dove, I am conscience, I am love." He lured us in with sex just to preach us the Good News!