If you lived in the UK in July of 2007 you got this album free with your copy of The Daily Mail (a tabloid magazine). Prince got a cool $2 million for the deal. Half this album is straight fire, the other half is "meh Prince" which is still better than most artists.
  1. 10. Lion of Judah
    This song was hyped because it was the first song released since the 80's by Prince that had Lisa and Wendy on it. This song is by far the weakest song on this album and probably one of his weakest ever.
  2. 9. Chelsea Rodgers
    No one writes dance funk songs like P. This is straight up funk with a little Salsa music thrown in for good measure.
  3. 8. All the Midnights in the World.
    I feel nothing for this song. I don't hate it. I don't love it. It's the perfect filler song. I forget this song even exists only when I listen to this album do I remember it.
  4. 7. Guitar
    This is Prince showing the band "The Killers" how to make their music sound better. The music is great and the infantile lyrics confirm that this song was made just so he could show off his guitar skills and man does he rock it.
  5. 6. Future Baby Momma
    I love seductive R&B Prince. And here he seduces like only he can. He won a BET award for best male vocal for this jank.
  6. 5. The One U Wanna C
    This song is pop perfection. There is nothing truly memorable about this song but I find myself humming it a lot.
  7. 4. Resolution
    This is another Wendy & Lisa joint. Musically this song should be lower but the hippy dippy social justice lyrics pull at my heartstrings.
  8. 3. Mr. Goodnight
    Ahhh braggadocios Prince how I adore thee. Prince raps about how he can satisfy a woman, we mere mortals can't compare. He has a mouth full of Raisinets and a private plane. What do you have?
  9. 2. Planet Earth
    This is Purple Rain for environmentalists. The guitar solo here is one of his best ever recorded. This song is worth buying this album.
  10. 1. Somewhere Here On Earth
    This is R&B perfection. His falsetto here rivals the one on the song Adore. This song is shimmering beauty and the muted trumpet sends it into the stratosphere.