Prince wrote over 2,000 songs and by doing so he has managed to write a song about everything and everyone. Even the characters on The Office.
  1. Toby - Song: Solo
    He's a sad sack. This depressing AF song describes Toby, lonely, no friends, divorced and unrequited love.
  2. Cathy Sims - Song: Lolita
    Cathy was trying to get Jim to stray but our boy didn't take the bait. This song tells a similar story of a young hottie trying to get Prince to stray but he ain't having it.
  3. Angela - Song: Irresistible Bitch
    It's no secret she is a bitch yet she had Dwight, Andy, The State Senator chasing after her (yes I know the Senator had ulterior motives).
  4. Meredith - Song: Darlin' Nikki
    Meredith loved sex and she wasn't ashamed of it. She was who she was and didn't care who knew.
  5. Stanley - Song: Dear Mr. Man
    Stanley was no nonsense (except when in Florida) and so is this song.
  6. There will be more later if you have a character to suggest don't hesitate to share!