Prince Wrote A Song For Every Character on the TV Show The Office Part 2

The Office list continues.
  1. Kevin - Song: Still Waiting
    He was always looking for love but never found it.
  2. Michael Scarn - Song: International Lover
    A jet setting, womanizing, international spy that has all the corny lines? That is Scarn personified.
  3. Jim & Pam's Love Song: Forever In My Life
    They did it clumsily but they eventually got it right and promised their lives to each other.
  4. Phyllis - Song: Pussy Control
    We know she is a closeted freak but she kept her love locked down for Bob Vance.
  5. Packer - Song: Jughead
    This is the worst song Prince ever wrote, there is nothing redeeming about it just like Packer.