Prince Wrote A Song For Every Character On The TV Show The Office Part 3

The hits just keep coming.
  1. Andy "Nard Dawg" - Song: Baby, I'm A Star
    He was always singing and had a heart for the stage. He eventually followed his heart and became a star.
  2. Dwight & Angela's Couple Song - Song: Something In the Water (Does Not Compute)
    These two loved, hated, emotionally abused each other, etc. This song sung from Dwight's point of view is pretty spot on.
  3. Erin - Song: Raspberry Beret
    She's super cute and not the ripest tomato on the chalupa and she has raspberry hair! Erin would definitely "Walk in through the out door."
  4. Ryan - Song: Pop Life
    Ryan was all about living fast and fame and that led him to drug addiction, the moral of this song.
  5. Pete - Song: Dirty Mind
    From the moment he met Ms. Raspberry Beret he was thinking about "laying her down."