Threat Level Purple Rain!
  1. Bob Vance - Song: 1,000 X's & 0's
    A song about someone appreciating their hard working lover. I can imagine Phyllis singing the chorus to him, "I got a thousand hugs and kisses for you when you get home baby "
  2. Michael Scott - Song: Partyman
    I think this is self explanatory.
  3. Crazy Jane - Song: Shockadelica
    An unpredictable woman who's a sexual sadist and isn't ashamed of it? Sound familiar?
  4. The Scranton Strangler - Song: Bob George
    A lunatic who murders and abuses women. This is probably Prince's strangest song ever.
  5. Robert California - Song: Pheromone
    Bacchanals, sadomasochism and voyeurism? This song has Robert written all over it.