Prince's seminal release ranked.
  1. The Beautiful Ones
    Boy chases girl, a classic tale perfected by The Purple One.
  2. When Doves Cry
    Pop perfection, I've heard this song a thousand times and it never gets old.
  3. Purple Rain
    That guitar solo has every human emotion in it.
  4. Computer Blue
    If you haven't heard the 13 minute version of this song, I feel bad for you son.
  5. I Would Die 4 U
    A love song from Jesus to us delivered by Prince what's not to love?
  6. Darling Nikki
    For the freak in all of us.
  7. Take Me With U
    Another masterfully crafted pop gem.
  8. Let's Go Crazy
    A dance party they never gets old.
  9. Baby, I'm A Star
    Such a happy song, such energy. DOCTOR!