This underrated 1999 gem would've been better if it didn't have so many guests artists. Why the record company thought Prince needed Kanye West amounts of featured artists is beyond me.
  1. The Sun, the Moon and Stars
    This minimal electronic gem is silky sonic goodness.
  2. Wherever U Go, Whatever U Do
    A slice of romantic bliss, something we all need.
  3. I Love U, But I Don't Trust U Anymore
    Betrayal sucks, Prince tells us why here.
  4. So Far, So Pleased
    Prince sung with Gwen Stefani, turned her vocals down and buried her in the mix. This is still a fun song.
  5. Man O' War
    The vocals on this are sick. And no featured artist!
  6. Strange But True
    A quirky number that never gets old.
  7. Hot Wit U
    In the 90's Eve and Gwen were ride or die Thelma & Louise. Eve was on this number and it kinda worked.
  8. Prettyman
    Prince had a great sense of humor, it's on full display here.
  9. Baby Knows
    Prince made Sheryl Crow cool with this song. Featured guests...😞
  10. Tangerine
    This probably should be higher this is a gorgeous song.
  11. Silly Game
    Classic R&B Prince here.
  12. The Greatest Romance That's Ever Been Sold
    Essentially a retelling of the Adam & Eve song in a modern soul context. Love it.
  13. Undisputed
    Chuck D joins Prince on this (I love Chuck D) but this song should have never left the vault.
  14. Rave Un2 the Joy Fantastic
    Prince had been working on this song since the 80's and it is still subpar. This is the album track?
  15. Everyday Is A Winding Road
    Yes Prince covered this song with Ms. Crow...this song makes me sad.