There are all types of stories surrounding this release. Some funny, some not, some true, some not just like everything with Prince. To me this album is one of his rare misses everyone seems to think it's a masterpiece. Well here we go.
  1. When 2 R In Love
    This song was originally released in 1988 on the "Lovesexy" album but it's included here too and it's the best song in this collection of songs.
  2. Bob George
    This is probably O's strangest song. He narrates the story of a man named Bob George who abuses his woman and loses his damn mind in his infamous Darth Vader voice. This is a must hear song because it is batshit crazy!
  3. 2 Nigs United For West Compton
    This instrumental is P at his funkiest. This groove will have you shaking your jelly in no time. And how about that title, right. It's his best song title ever.
  4. Superfunkycalifragisexy
    Say that three times fast and Brother Jerome will be around in a minute with a bucket full of squirrel meat. Yes that is a line from this song. It's funk it doesn't have to make sense.
  5. Cindy C.
    The C stands for Crawford. If you are old like me you remember that in the late 80's she was the It Girl of the modelling world. This is Prince's attempt to have her "play" with him. He's begging by the end.
  6. Le Grind
    Nouveau dancing! All the boys and all the girls get close! Mo' funk, mo funk. The electronics on this track really seal the deal here.
  7. Dead On It
    No one in history has thrown more shade than Prince. That is an actual fact, Neil Gegrasse Tyson first reported this. This song is a treatise against the newly emerging hip hop scene. He drops dis after dis over a beat that sounds like Prince is channelling Kool Now Dee.
  8. Rock Hard in a Funky Place
    Are you soaked in banana cologne? You will be after you hear this number. The lyrics once again are insane but the beat is kicking and the only guitar solo on the album is here.