1. Every light strand plugged in from dawn till bedtime.
  2. Christmas music playing, but only artists that make you happy. Be picky here.
  3. Fragrance! Candles, stovetop spices simmering, baking, etc
  4. Paperwhites, poinsettias, and amaryllis around the house, plus of course evergreens.
  5. Wrapping gifts and writing love letters.
  6. Clean and cozy house so we can relax instead of stressing.
  7. Midday break to run or do yoga and soak up blessings and fresh energy.
  8. Christmas movies, but again only the ones that make you feel great. Classic: Christmas Carol with George C Scott. New fave: Love Actually
  9. Wrapping tony gifts with loads of candy and other fun stuff.
  10. Hiding bigger surprises around the house.
  11. Driving to see Christmas lights as often as possible.
  12. Learning to adapt old family traditions to fit present day, without being sad.