Drake just released a video for 'Hotline Bling.' It's the first time I've heard his music or seen his videos. Here's a series of responses to what I saw. #champagnepapi #teamdrizzy
  1. She's "thirsty." Those jeans aren't very bling but I like her pink shirt. Note: nobody this attractive has ever worked at a call center.
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  2. I worked in a call center so I can verify the accuracy of how soul crushing this looks.
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  3. An apartment this big in downtown Toronto will run you about $2700 a month.
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  4. Guys, this is Drake. It's his video.
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  5. Guys, that's the title of the song.
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  6. When he's not busy running the Xavier Institute he directs hip hop videos (we're only like 35 seconds in and I'm exhausted.)
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  7. Definitely a James Bond title sequence vibe.
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  8. Close Encounters Of The Thirst Kind
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  9. This is how I dance when nobody's looking. Nice to see he's so relatable.
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  10. "Fuck all you wheelchair motherfuckers. Ain't no ramps to my clubhouse."
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  11. Is this the anaconda? I'm so old.
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  12. "Gonna put the big fishtank here."
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  13. Kissing his girlfriend-who-lives-in-Canada?
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  14. Once again, this seems pretty insensitive for a guy who played a parapalegic on TV.
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  15. I like this nod to Janet Jackson's 'Rhythm Nation.' Note the owl logo on her t-shirt…
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  16. …matches his hoodie.
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  17. I would 100% wear everything in this video.
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  18. The movie 'Her' was notable for putting high-waisted pants on Joaquin Phoenix. At some point Drake was like "Fuck that, get me something with a real low crotch."
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  19. Are they helping him move into his apartment? They're all wearing a uniform of some kind.
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  20. The whole song is about cellphones and she's the only one in the whole video who uses one.
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