Drake just released a video for 'Hotline Bling.' It's the first time I've heard his music or seen his videos. Here's a series of responses to what I saw. #champagnepapi #teamdrizzy
  1. She's "thirsty." Those jeans aren't very bling but I like her pink shirt. Note: nobody this attractive has ever worked at a call center.
  2. I worked in a call center so I can verify the accuracy of how soul crushing this looks.
  3. An apartment this big in downtown Toronto will run you about $2700 a month.
  4. Guys, this is Drake. It's his video.
  5. Guys, that's the title of the song.
  6. When he's not busy running the Xavier Institute he directs hip hop videos (we're only like 35 seconds in and I'm exhausted.)
  7. Definitely a James Bond title sequence vibe.
  8. Close Encounters Of The Thirst Kind
  9. This is how I dance when nobody's looking. Nice to see he's so relatable.
  10. "Fuck all you wheelchair motherfuckers. Ain't no ramps to my clubhouse."
  11. Is this the anaconda? I'm so old.
  12. "Gonna put the big fishtank here."
  13. Kissing his girlfriend-who-lives-in-Canada?
  14. Once again, this seems pretty insensitive for a guy who played a parapalegic on TV.
  15. I like this nod to Janet Jackson's 'Rhythm Nation.' Note the owl logo on her t-shirt…
  16. …matches his hoodie.
  17. I would 100% wear everything in this video.
  18. The movie 'Her' was notable for putting high-waisted pants on Joaquin Phoenix. At some point Drake was like "Fuck that, get me something with a real low crotch."
  19. Are they helping him move into his apartment? They're all wearing a uniform of some kind.
  20. The whole song is about cellphones and she's the only one in the whole video who uses one.