Gratuitous holiday photos August 2016

I am bad at taking holidays. I get so caught up in the now that I get bad at longer term planning. I've put this list together to remind myself that a change of scene does a body good.
  1. Cork Airport arrivals door
    Cork is known as the Rebel county because they supported Perkin Warbeck who claimed to be the rightful king of England. Also 100 years in 2016 since the Easter uprising in the Republic of Ireland.
  2. Mahon Farmers Market
    Gorgeous food and I love talking to the stall holders. I recommend Declan Ryan's arbutus bread (particularly the medieval sourdough).
  3. Quay Coop Restaurant Cork
    Gorgeous healthy food if they had a branch in London you wouldn't get me out of there.
  4. Bath Abbey
    The second half of my holiday
  5. The hotel I stayed in in Bath
    Lovely reminded me of Pemberley when I saw it.
  6. Statue of Sullis Minerva, Roman Baths
    The sculptor had talent and the shine of the statue made it look magical.
  7. Roman Baths, Bath
    The abbey is at least 500 years old the balcony is Victorian and the baths themselves are Roman.