Two days in Prague

A quick holiday in Prague in March. I loved the city, there is so much more I want to see.
  1. View from the Charles Bridge
    I had two days in Prague the weather wasn't going to be good on day 2 so off to Charles Bridge I went
  2. Prague Castle
    Wasn't sure if I missed the Czech equivalent to the UK Changing of the Guard
  3. Day 2 bad weather at Charles Bridge
    I took this picture in colour but it looks better in black and white
  4. Taking photos with a shaky hand
    Prague Old Town Square but with my shaky hand I made the clock look bit like the Tower of Pisa
  5. Trdelnik (Slovak and Czech delicacy)
    This is an apple strudel one I bought in the Old Town. It tastes like Cronut dough and had layers of apple and nuts topped with cream. Was it supposed to be cold? That I couldn't work out
  6. Burger from Joy Burger bar and Grill
    It tasted as yummy as it looked. Unfortunately the farmer fries I ordered were too delicious to last.