So many. But we are chill. Email in:!
  1. NE Ohio Regional Sewer @neorsd
    Can you even imagine? If the lowly List Podcast could be the ones to bring you behind the scenes to the treasured mind running this account???
  2. Chris Todd @IamChrisTodd
    Very funny on the app and seems like a real sweetheart (which is a requisite for podcasting), clear hater of comedy
  3. Nicholas @Nicholas
    Clearly a sweet weirdo, with whom we have a long and varied history. We feel he could shine some light on this crazy app, but mostly so he can educate the world more on Jewish breads???
  4. Dev @dev
    So obviously the better co-founder. Wildly underrated.
  5. Charlie @charlie
    Seems very nerdy. This is a positive. Celeste also thinks his first name as a handle is a positive. Kelly aggressively does not care about it.
  6. Celeste feels indifferently about this.
  7. Another dope seeming insider/tell us about Beefball 👀
  8. Sophia @sophia
    Has the inside scoop but isn't a nerdy white dude like the above. We love her work and overall vibe and are only slightly obsessed and interested in the idea of being her friend.
  9. Legend, heartbreaker.
  10. But she has done so much for us already. Let's stop bothering her.
  11. Sarah Gorman @sarahgorman
    How does she maintain her level of output to quality ratio? How did she maintain her integral brand despite a profile picture change? We would like to ask questions of this nature.
  12. Tim Hortons @timhortons
    Both Kelly and Celeste are just huge fans of this local company.
  13. Kaitlyn @kaitmaree
    We can make it work despite the time difference!
  14. Jake "The Badboy" Brandman @jakebrandman
    We have much to discuss.
  15. Erik Agard @agard
    Let's get TURNT.
  16. Kate McGarry @k8mcgarry
    Another PROLIFIC lister on this app. She's so great.
  17. Anna @stars
    Beautiful, intelligent, dreamy af
  18. Lisa Fav @Lisa_Fav
    A true gem.
  19. Bizzy @biz
    Celeste's high school Internet friend, unsurprisingly amazing on yet another platform.
  20. Literally any beta folks
    What was it like having that banner there? Was it easier or harder to trend or get featured? Did you go to any meet ups? How long did those temporary tattoos last? On your skin? On your hearts?
  21. Mango @mango
    We just want an excuse to hang. (Kelly) He's an idiot. (Celeste)
  22. Vincent @vincentyung
    A close friend of the podcast. Who sent the most helpful email after our pilot telling us all his thoughts and tips. Great dancer.
  23. Our List App-less friend Lucas
    Also a close friend, OK dancer. It would be nice to get a perspective of someone from the outside. How does he pass the days' hours? We know for a fact he has major FOMO, so that is also a factor.
  24. Benjamin Novak and Mindy Kaling
    No one tell them.
    Who the fuh are you