1. We finally made it home to Oslo from Bergen yesterday at like 1 am and we were so exhausted and we still have to go to class today. But it was our Norwegian teacher, who we all like considerably more than our main professor here, so we went for her sake.
  2. Then we got the rest of the day off to work on our schedules that are due on Monday and this is our supposed weekend off.
  3. So after class and getting lost in the rich part of town on accident today i rushed back home to shower while everyone was out and get ready for impromptu interviews.
  4. Then I met up with our photojournalism professor and went to a seemingly hole in the wall tattoo shop to see if I could get some interviews and some pictures of people getting inked and they let me!
    I don't have them now, but this one is great and from the wall right inside the shop and they have a lot of awards for their work, and I can attest to that. These guys had me lusting for another tattoo, but the list is long and they're expensive here in Norway.
  5. The shop is Attitude Tattoo Company.
  6. And this time tomorrow I'll be in my boyfriends arms again and we get to have a belated birthday date for me and then on Saturday I get to meet his parents. 🤓