Last night my friend from France that I haven't seen in a year was in town. He needed a ride to the airport this noting and I volunteered. So here's how that went
  1. Target, for stress
    I went and bought some stuff I probably don't need, but I did it anyways because going to Target has basically become a part of my self-care.
  2. Got food because I haven't ate all day.
    I'm bad at taking care of myself these days.
  3. I got to sleep on a huge, comfortable bed
    My friend is staying in a hotel in town with two beds and he offered me one so that I could take him to the airport easier
  4. I didn't have to hear my roommate have sex! 🙌🏻🎉
  5. My back pain that i had been downing ibuprofen for the past few days has seemed to subsided.
  6. I'm exhausted, but that's what coffee was made for.