I'm overwhelmed. Nay, I think I'm beyond overwhelmed to the point that my stress even has stress.
  1. We keep getting assignments and we are on our last week and I'm losing momentum.
  2. As if I wasn't already kind of behind on stuff my professor keeps trying to assign new stories.
    Pump the brakes dude. We're going home this coming weekend.
  3. I get that some of this happens in a real newsroom setting, but we aren't paid journalists yet. Well, I'm a PR major, but you get my point.
    If I'm gonna be working my ass off I'd like a bit more than college credit and bylines and photo attribution. Something. Anything. I mean, I did pay almost $5k to be here.
  4. I realize that the above statement is childish and possibly even petty for me to say, but most of us in the program are close to graduating college and we need this program to basically pay for itself when we get out of it and go back home to our lives.
  5. I'm just really stressed and behind on my work and my professor probably won't get the best eval out of me because I've felt like I've had to make my case to him a few times and he wasn't getting it or something.
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