The trip so far..
  1. While hanging at my mom's house because she wanted to give me a ride to the airport I was assaulted with tons of cigarette smoke so for the past 12-18 hours I have to smell like this and I hate it.
  2. We had to wake my mom up three times and she blamed my brother's and I for letting her go back to sleep after she got up to pee. Last I checked we don't control her.
  3. I slept on several armrests and lost feeling in most of my body at least three times already.
    Sometimes traveling is fun and other times traveling is *fun*.
  4. I'm roughly 4 hours I can check in to my next flight and fly 2 glorious hours there.
  5. The company I flew with transferred my bag for me, so I hope I see it in baggage claim this morning.
  6. The people of London are nicer than I remember and I love it
    I had to transfer from one terminal to the other using the tube & since I'm here for 8 hours I didn't want to shell out the $ for an Oyster card, so an employee let me go on it for free so that i could make my plane.
  7. Now I'm just waiting to check in and trying to distract myself from my pain, exhaustion, smell and thirst.
  8. See you in Oslo!