Goals for the next 5 months:

  1. August:
    Apply for internship and get said internship.
  2. September:
    Pass your four classes and successfully balance LDR, (hopeful) internship, homework, family
  3. October:
    Have an awesome Halloween costume picked out. Be apart of my school's Haunted Hall which is hopefully my last. Take exit exam & pass.
  4. November:
    Go see Amy Schumer w my mom for her birthday. Vote for HRC. Pick up the boy from the airport, show him Kansas City, eat a ton, introduce him to my family (don't have a breakdown), go to Colorado with him (hopefully I have time) binge-watch Gilmore Girls and send him back home to Sweden, drowned in my own tears.
  5. December:
    Graduate and be hired on full-time at the internship
  6. It's a big year this year. I'm ready for the good things to hit me.