As requested by @quixotic
  1. Last summer I went on my second study abroad trip with my school. Destinations included Toronto for a conference @ Ryerson University, Amsterdam (because why not) and Iceland.
  2. In Toronto we had a curmudgeon cab driver that wasn't a fan of having to drive a bus full of American girls to a hotel to meet up with the rest of our group.
    In retrospect one of the few men we had on our trip should have been in the van with us.
  3. In Amsterdam we rode the rails to Centraal Station to get to the heart of the city and do touristy things/local things.
    Yes, we went to the Anne Frank House & I sobbed.
  4. In Iceland we took the Golden Circle tour because it was included in our trip and it was INCREDIBLE, even if it is a tourist trap.
  5. But I digress,
  6. On the first or second night we were there I decided to pull up Tinder just to see how the men of Iceland stack up to Midwestern men (there's a major difference) and I matched with a few guys but I was not expecting anything. Especially because I was there to see the country, not have a random hookup in another country.
  7. Then I got a message from a local curious as to why he got matched up with an American girl that lives 4,000 miles away but happens to be about 10 miles away.
  8. So we started talking and kept talking. Almost everyone in my group went out that night to go drink and hangout with people. I went for awhile and then I got bored so I went back to my apartment to leach the wifi and keep talking to this mysterious person.
  9. The next day we were supposed to go to The Blue Lagoon and the swim (I suppose that's what you do there), but once we checked into the hotel I stayed behind to keep talking.
  10. Unfortunately on that trip I didn't get to meet my now boyfriend due to time and transportation constraints he and I continued the conversation and we haven't really stopped since.
  11. Last December after almost 6 months of talking we finally decided to meet and I went to Iceland again for a week during my winter vacation.
    This is us before our first date on Jan. 1, 2016. Talk about a great way to start off a new year. ☺️
  12. It was the the fastest and most exciting week of my life.
  13. this coming November he will be coming to meet my family and friends for Thanksgiving.
  14. This week we are also closing in on 9 months and within two weeks we'll be together again after 5 months of not seeing each other.