How my mental illnesses manifest: a list in two parts (Part 1: Anxiety)

Good old anxiety, always there to keep me on my toes and also keep me terrified at any given time. I have GAD, so to my anxiety anything is fair game to make me worry over.
  1. My anxiety is very touch and go. Every now and I then I'll just have a mental breakdown and just shut down. Then my anxiety will shake me back to life and I will..
  2. Buy things that I don't need even if I probably shouldn't because money is tight as a college student.
    I hope that doesn't happen while I'm in Norway because I need to survive for a month.
  3. Procrastinate until something almost is at deadline.
    This is bad because I don't have time to do my best work and I should have worked way ahead.
  4. Intrusive thoughts
    Even if I know that I'm safe and will be okay there's something in my brain that will tell me that I'm not.