Here's why...
  1. I don't have to hear my roommate and her shitty boyfriend have sex every night
    I turn up my tv to almost max volume to drown her out despite the bathroom between us & I'm a light sleeper.
  2. My Norway trip is almost here!
    I get to see my boyfriend (it's been almost 5 months since we've seen each other 😢) and I get to meet his parents!
  3. After this semester I only have one semester of classes left before I'm a college graduate.
    Four classes *hyperventilates*
  4. The faster this semester ends the faster November gets here and my boyfriend comes to the states to meet my crazy family and have a traditional Thanksgiving dinner.
    He's from Iceland. They had hot Vikings, not shitty dudes like Chris Columbus discover their land etc.
  5. I have five papers to write before the end of this semester. I wish they would write themselves.