I've been a fan of the show forever and I'm beyond excited for the revival. I've always seen a little bit of myself in Rory and here's how...
  1. My room is full of books
  2. I have a yen for traveling and the walls of my room are covered in maps and postcards from countries I've been to/plan on visiting
  3. Coffee, coffee, coffee
  4. Though my mom hasn't always been a single parent she has been for the past 7 years or so and in that time she's taught me a lot about being an independent and resourceful woman, just like Lorelai, but we aren't that close.
  5. I've gone to a foreign country to meet a lover
    My current boyfriend over winter break for the fastest and most exciting week of my life
  6. I support Planned Parenthood and am very Pro-choice
    Fast forward to Rory's Yale days
  7. I've lived in a small town for a significant part of my life
  8. Despite the fact that I'm a Communication/PR major my first love will always be journalism
  9. I found out recently that I too can definitely pull off a stylish trench coat
  10. I've been educated at an expensive school.
    I mean, it was a Catholic school, but it still had uniforms and a hefty tuition and i was moved to a public school because the cost got too high.
  11. I make pop culture references that my friends don't always get a lot
  12. I don't have a lot of friends, but the ones I have are my closest ones.
  13. 👑s