I'm a desk assistant at my school. It's not a hard job and pays a bill or two.
  1. I've had this job for the past 3.5 years or so of my college career.
  2. My mom likes to ask me why I have never been an RA, which is the natural progression of the job, and every answer I give her is always unsatisfactory.
  3. Last night when I should have been sleeping, instead I was thinking and tossing and turning as I often do.
  4. My brain suddenly brought this nugget to the surface: what if in your internship interview they ask you why you never arrived to be more than a lowly DA?
  5. Well brain/mom/potential employers, I applied to be an RA at one point but I got the alternate position. Sadly no one dropped out and my GPA sadly sinked below what is required to be an RA. So I was fine with it. Who wants free room and board while also doing a fun job anyways?
  6. But I digress,
  7. My job isn't a hard one. I help students to get themselves situated and accustomed to living on a college campus. I used to also give them toilet paper and trash bags, but my school got cheap and cut that funding.
  8. Plus, I get called an RA all the time by students that haven't learned who their RA is yet, and that's cool. I'll take a fake student approved promotion any day.
  9. Another great thing about my job is that I work in the "nerd" hall, which also happens to be where most of my friends live so I get to see them all of the time.
  10. The only qualms I have about my job are the hours. The desk is required to be open 24/7 except for holidays because that's insane. But it's still insane for it to be 24/7 any other time too because students have lives too. Plus, during midterms and finals and the brave souls that work the grave shift still have to take their tests/write papers/etc
  11. This isn't okay.
  12. I also get calls on the weekends from students calling to ask things about housing and I can't answer them and since it's the weekend and my bosses are luckier than me they aren't working so I have to tell whoever calls to call another time, like a weekday.
  13. We also get paid once a month, which I get is helpful or something to the school, but when you can only work 20+\- hours a week on top of everything else it's not so easy.
  14. I'm ready for a salaried job and to not live on a college campus anymore.