Wow, guys. A lot of stuff has happened since I posted last. Here's a short update/list to help me wring out my super saturated brain.
  1. I learned that my boyfriend won't be coming here in November like we initially thought. Instead he's coming in December, so I have to find accommodations for us for two weeks since we aren't sleeping on my mom's couch for 2 weeks after not seeing each other for 7 months.
  2. I feel like I'm buried under school work and instead of doing it, like now, I'm doing a lot of things to make me feel better.
  3. My boyfriend and I have no been together for a year and some change. I can't wait for he and I to be closer in proximity and stuff because we both hate this distance.
  4. I sent him a box of goodies for his birthday/our anniversary and I think he liked it. Now I'm just waiting on mine & it should be here this week and I can't wait!
  5. I applied to graduate from school (because it's 1995) and even though I was three months late on the deadline because they don't post it I'm nervous/excited.
  6. I have to move in with my mom in brothers in her two bedroom apartment until I find a job/move out on my own after I graduate 😭
    Couch living for the win! (Nope)